Lino Print – Limited Digital Edition

Edition Size – 100

Buying Options


Send 110 XLM (Stellar Lumens) to the following Stellar Account:


or use this QR Code:

Please add a memo field and include your email address for contact purposes (this is also where the digital asset will be sent).

This is the first ever Digital Asset Limited Edition (DALE).

A Digital Asset Limited Edition is an item (photo, print, painting, music) which has been digitalised and is being offered as a limited edition in this form.

The way it works is as follows:

  1. Only 100 digital versions of this image will be offered.
  2. Each version will have its own associated account on the Stellar blockchain.
  3. A buyer purchases the account, which proves ownership and provenance of the digital asset (the image).
  4. The digital asset is then transferred to the buyer separately.
  5. The buyer could then, for example, have the image printed any size they wish, on any object (picture print in every room of the house, mugs, t-shirts, duvets, phone cover, screensaver etc.).
  6. The buyer agrees to use the digital asset for personal use only and the resulting ‘products’ are not to be sold, or distributed in any way as to reduce the value of the digital asset.
  7. The buyer can choose to sell the item at a later date via a transfer of account ownership (details from @blagbeag). A fee may apply for this service.

I see I can pay old-school with a card, but what is required to buy with XLM?

A potential buyer needs to have two things:

  1. An account on the Stellar blockchain (easily done – see below)
  2. The appropriate amount of XLM (Lumens, the Stellar currency ) to pay for an item.

In order to get an account you need a wallet (I recommend as it has phone and web apps).

Create a new account on the LOBSTR app.

Fund the account with Lumens (XLM) using the Buy Lumens link in the app.

Send the appropriate amount of XLM to account listed above (you can add your name to the MEMO field) and send me an email (i0041974 at gmail dot com) or DM me on Twitter (@blagbeag) with your account number (do NOT send your Password/secret key).