A4 Lino Print – Limited Edition

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This is a linocut print on Canson Edition extra white archival paper.

During March 2020, knee-deep in the COVID-19 pandemic, I read for the first time about Seamus Heaney’s last SMS message to his wife just before his passing “Noli Timere,” it read.
It is Latin for “Do not be afraid”.

It was inspiring and relevant.

I had been playing around with printing just words for a couple of months so I tried to figure out how to use that text in one of my prints and make it look good but it just didn’t seem to work for me.

I tried it in Irish (as Gaeilge), “Ná bí eagla ort” but it still didn’t resonate the way I wanted. Then, I think I found the balance.

I had only carved text up to now but I wanted to try Seamus Heaney’s face to go with the words. His face is so iconic. For me, it’s the always ‘almost’ smiling mouth and the deep, knowing eyes.

I based it on a wonderfully intimate photo by Franck Ferville from a New Yorker article.

This eventually became the start of the postcard art project I ran in April and May 2020 whereby I offered the print, free of charge, on a freepost postcard provided by An Post (Irish postal service) for use during the COVID-19 quarantine period.

The response to that project led to many requests to have the image printed up properly and hence this limited edition.